Dyno Tuning

Here at S&M Motorsports we have a Mustang 1100se dyno. We have the ability to tune vehicles using any of the following listed tuning software.

Current Rates for tuning is $150 per hour.

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What we tune


      -Holley (Single & Multi-Carb)


      -Weber (IDA & IDF  Individual Runner)


     Factory Computer

       -SCT 1988-2011 Ford EFI

       -Moates 1988-93 Ford EFI

       -HP Tuners 1996-2011 GM EFI

       -EFI Live 1996-2011 GM EFI

       -EFI Live Duramax

       -EFI Live Cummins (Coming soon)

     Stand Alone Engine Management 

         -Accel Gen 7 DFI


         -Big Stuff 3


         -Holley Dominator and HP EFI